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If you are a member of the press and need photos of EFI printers or an EFI leadership team member, please send an email to:

EFI Executive Photos and Biographies

Meet the EFI leadership team responsible for the development of breakthrough technologies to lead our customers through their digital journeys.

EFI Logos

The EFI logo is the visual symbol for our company. It expresses the energy and established expertise we bring to all our work. It has been carefully designed and proportioned and exists only in these standard configurations. You must never redraw or alter the logo.

Please review the section on correct logo usage before using the EFI logo.


JPG, SVG, PSD, PNG and GIF file formats


SVG, PSD and PNG file formats

EFI Logo K

SVG, PSD, PNG, GIF and JPG file formats

EFI Logo Ko

SVG, PSD, GIF and PNG file formats


JPG, SVG and PSD file formats

EFI Logo Usage

Please see below for the correct and incorrect usage of our logo.

Correct Use

Full Color Standard Logo

Use it for full-color covers, branded materials, advertising, and more.

Grayscale Standard Logo

Use it for newsprint and other one-color applications.

Reverse Standard Log

Use it for one-color applications, photography, or solid-colored backgrounds.

Clear Space

A safety barrier equal to the
height of the letter “e” in the
EFl logo exists on all sides.
Do not allow any nearby type, graphics, imagery, or page
edges in this space.

Minimum Size

The minimum size is equal to an
“f” with the height of 1/4 in
(6.33 mm or 1.5 picas).

Logo white

EFI logo white

Incorrect Use

Do not obstruct the clear
space around the logo.

Do not stretch, recolor or
distort the artwork.

Do not place the artwork
over high-contrast textures.

Do not change the size
relationship between the
letterforms in the EFl logo.

Do not rotate the artwork.

Do not place the logo over
backgrounds that are too
dark or too light.