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Transparency in Coverage

This link below is provided in good faith by EFI™ to comply with the Machine-Readable Files (MRF) provision of the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule under the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). This link has been provided by Blue Shield of California and leads to files that are extensive collections of data to be ingested and read by machines. This link is not intended for use by EFI employees. The purpose of posting these MRFs is to encourage innovation among researchers, third-party developers and other healthcare institutions, regulators, think-tanks, and consultants. Such entities have the resources to download the files, as well as the technical skills to analyze these very large and complicated datasets. A separate part of the CAA legislation includes a separate mandate to create online, consumer-friendly tools to compare prices and estimate cost shares. Such tools are scheduled to be rolled out later in 2023.

Access files

To learn more about the TCFR and the MRF provision, refer to this Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services page.